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Visa Requirements for Foreign Representatives

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is responsible for all matters pertaining to immigration into Canada, including entry visas and the status of immigration applications.


oreign representatives typically require a visa in order to enter Canada, although some countries are visa exempt. Global Affairs Canada advises all foreign representatives to apply for a visa regardless of their exemption status, as it will alert border services to the status they intend to receive once they arrive in Canada. Information concerning visas may be found at http://www.cic.gc.ca/.

Typically, visas are only granted for six months, but individuals accredited by Global Affairs Canada have the right to enter and remain in Canada for their length of their posting, without re-applying for temporary resident visas. Accredited status is demonstrated through the official acceptance in the representative’s passport as well as their Identity Card, both issued by the Office of Protocol.

Once residing in Canada, family members of foreign representatives may study in the country without additional documents from the CIC.

Upon the completion of a posting in Canada, representatives are granted a 90-day grace period, at the end of which they are required to leave the country or apply for an extension. For more information regarding visa requirements for foreign representatives, visit www.international.gc.ca/protocol-protocole/immigration/.