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There are a number of moving companies in every city, so it is important to get estimates from at least three reliable movers, check their references carefully, and to evaluate options and costs. All promises should be in writing. The Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org/canada/) may be able to provide a reliability report before hiring.

The documents required to move a car from Canada include:

  • Copy of Certificate of “Lien” (A bank statement noting that the car is paid in full)
  • Copy of the Letter of Sale (in case of private sale), or Invoice (if the vehicle is purchased at a dealership)
  • Copy of vehicle registration (the green paper)
  • Copy of passport

Please note that different destinations may require insurance or license plates to be presented on arrival at the destination.

The documents required to move household items from Canada include:

  • Valued inventory list of goods
  • Copy of passport.