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An initial visit to any dentist in Canada requires a full dental examination, which usually includes x-rays. This preliminary exam may cost as much as $500.00. The cost of follow up visits will vary depending on the work carried out.

For example, basic examinations cost approximately $100.00 and a tooth extraction starts at $170.00. If a full set of dentures is required, this can cost over $2,000.00. It is recommended that foreign personnel have a full dental check-up before arriving in Canada. There are many orthodontic procedures that improve dental features. The costs generally start at $2,000.00 and rise sharply from there to $10,000.00 or more. Most dental surgeries have payment plans to help with the cost. Some offer discounts, if the total amount is paid in advance. Information to locate a dentist can be found in
Ontario at www.oda.on.ca,
in Québec at www.odq.qc.ca,
in Alberta at www.oralhealthalberta.ca,
and in British Columbia at www.bcdental.org.