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Great Britain
(wishes to remain anonymous)

It (Admin note: Canada for the Diplomatic Community) is an excellent guide for the diplomatic community. I wish we had known it right away upon arrival to Ottawa. We had some issues with having car insurance and registering our car then. Your guide provides info in this field, too.

The book covers all the fields that anyone new to Canada would like to know. I’d think it is a very useful guide even for the locals.

I still keep the copy you had kindly given to me. 

​ The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Canada (2012-2014)
H.E. Tuncay BABALI, Ph.D

I met with Andjelka Vidovic, faunder of the Embassy Services right after my arrival to Ottawa in November 2012. Her insight and assistance to orient me and the family really helped us and my staff to adopt and get into the diplomatic life in Canada faster to do our job and live happier. In addition, I always found the publication "Canada for the Diplomatic Community" extremely useful and well prepared and updated each year; complimentary to DFATD’s and other similar efforts. It is an indispensable publication for all fellow diplomats.

Your energy, passion to help and cooperate, spirit of friendship are impressive to say the least. You keep motivating and introducing your friends and extended diplomatic community to new ideas and projects are worth praising.

I would like to convey my sincere appreciation and thanks for the Embassy Services and Canada for the Diplomatic Community. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe
Dean of Diplomatic Corps, and Regional Dean for Africa
Her Excellency Florence Zano CHIDEYA

Mrs. Vidovic was the first to articulate the importance of having all settling process information for diplomatic community, in one place; this collection of information is coming from many different sources, including sharing the real life experiences and contributions of diplomatic and consular communities from Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

“Canada for the Diplomatic Community” publication is a unique achievement in the world of diplomacy, covering many aspect and topics of settling process of foreign representatives in Canada. Each topic is just a top of an iceberg of questions foreign representatives encounter in Canada, but knowing Mrs. Vidovic’s dedication and passion for serving the diplomatic community, she would dig further with every new edition of “Canada for the Diplomatic Community” and try to answer all possible questions, people like us, career diplomats would have.

I hope new-appointed diplomats and their families will find “Canada for the Diplomatic Community” useful in preparing for the post and move to Canada. “Canada for the Diplomatic Community” provides readers with valuable information about housing, education, healthcare, personal banking, rules and regulations for foreign representatives and their families, but also hints, and tips to facilitate establishing one’s family with minimum disruption.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco
Diplomatic Corps, Dean of the Arab Group
Nouzha Chekrouni

Arriving in a new country means facing new challenges not only professionally, but also on a personal and family level. Every diplomat arrives with their share of expectations and questions on services relating to the daily needs of a peaceful life. Thanks to the outstanding work of Embassy Services and the team around Mrs. Andjelka Vidovic, through their dedication and willingness to serve, the "Canada for the diplomatic Community" guide provides a range of responses to the concerns of diplomats and those of their families. The guide contains useful information on all aspects of life in Canada, updated annually to the last detail. In the 2015 edition, the reader can expect additional information on education, healthcare, taxes, entry requirements and more, relevant to diplomats and their families. It also provides the reader with information about entertainment, arts, and supporting organizations, making integration into Canadian society easier and providing a more comforting sense of well being.

This guide is not a simple address book with useful tips; but it is an act of kindness and the result of a long process that aims to share the Canadian experience and the experiences of those who have served as part of the diplomatic community, thereby transmitting a message of solidarity to newcomers and representing the essence of our diplomatic community in Canada.

Ambassador of Slovak Republic to Canada
H.E. Milan Kollar

I find the publication "Canada for the Diplomatic Community" extremely useful and well prepared. It provides a full range of information necessary and handy for diplomatic and consular newcomers to Ottawa as well as to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver where the consulates are located. Readers learn how to rent a property, how to buy or lease a car, where to find and how to enroll children into international schools or kindergartens, where to find a family doctor or dentist, how to get medical insurance or how to insure a car… you name it. The booklet also contains a lot of ads of different services making our life abroad easier with complete and up-to-date contact information. Such publication was for years missed by the international community in Canada and it perfectly supplements the general information provided by the DFATD´s Protocol Office. I indeed applaud the publisher for taking the initiative and I sincerely hope that the booklet will be periodically updated and republished.

Cameroon High Commissioner to Canada
Solomon Azoh-Mbi

This is to convey my thanks and sincere appreciation for your insightful and informative handbook, Canada for the Diplomatic Community.

It is written with remarkable simplicity and sensitivity to the needs of diplomats, and I am sure new and not-so-new diplomats in Canada will find your book both handy and helpful.
Once again, please kindly accept my sincere thanks and congratulations.

Jana and Emilia Fashion Design Studio
Jana and Emilia

Congratulations on publishing the Canada for the Diplomatic Community handbook. By a glance at the contents of this book one can immediately realize that gathering such a complete and organized information has taken you months of readings and researching and hours of talking and exchanging information with professionals in different fields for the purpose of making life easier for diplomats in Canada.

You are a persistent person who continuously looking for new information to facilitate establishing life in Canada for the foreigners.

You are creative in putting the information together so harmonically that flows smoothly throughout the handbook, and creates interest to follow the pages.
Your commitment to help the foreigner’s family in settling down in Canada with minimum disruption has succeeded your project to become a reality of existence of this book and to be proud of it.

Finally you are a passionate creator and that is another key to your success when talking about collecting the practical information for this complete guide for the diplomats and any other foreigners who live in Canada for a period of their lives.
We at Jana and Emilia Fashion Design Studio, wish you constant motivation and success in your journey with your book.

MTL LESA Ambassador & Career Group Coordinator @ ICAO Spouses Group
Verena Heingärtner

I am grateful that there is finally a publication which deals in a simple, clear and well-structured way with all relevant topics for settling in Montreal / Canada.

The colored layout for the various sections, cities make it an easy read and find.

As reader and a partner in content research and selection, I find that the working with Andjelka is always a driven, dynamic and innovative collaboration, where one idea leads to the next one and it's not just being said – Andjelka is the kind of person who acts, which shows her determination, drive and especially authenticity behind her work.

It was and is a great pleasure to getting to know Andjelka and her work, her constant positive outlook towards any challenge ahead of her, and I am looking forward for more projects to come which will help the foreign representative and expat community in Canada.