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Embassy Services is a Canadian enterprise conceived by Andjelka Vidovic with the goal of promoting and cultivating knowledge and sharing experiences regarding the settling process of foreign diplomats. We provide up-to-date information to facilitate diplomatic postings from around the world. Given the nature and scope of our work, we naturally tend more broadly to the needs of all foreign workers, representatives and foreign students that are temporarily settling in a new country.

Moving is never an easy process and requires informed decision making. The decision is that much more complicated and monumental when it involves uprooting a whole family to new and different places without ready access to the support of extended family and friends.

In no place is this more true than in Canada, a veritable multicultural country, hosting over 9000 diplomats across Canada, 6000 family members of foreign representatives, approximately 200.000 foreign students and over 330.000 foreign workers. It is no wonder that our idea for a comprehensive, simple to use guide to help people with the process of settling in a new country was born in Canada and its capital!

Our mission is to facilitate access to practical information about the settling process consolidated in one resource, while supporting both local business and international communities.

Andjelka Vidovic as the original author of the prototype guide, “Welcome to Canada” in 2011, is the only publisher of the comprehensive guide, Canada for the Diplomatic Community. This improved guide is updated and offered annually for free in hard copy to the diplomatic communities served by Embassy Services, and made available in digital format for personal use on our easy to navigate website.