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If you believe the saying that “home is where the heart is” then you can imagine how challenging it might be to pick-up and move regularly to new countries in service your of your homeland. Moving is never easy, even within the same city, let alone having to travel to a new place, with different rhythms, social structures and institutions. The decision is that much more complicated and monumental when it involves uprooting a whole family knowing you will not have ready access to the support of extended family and friends.

At Embassy Services we are dedicated to promoting and cultivating knowledge, as well as the sharing the experiences regarding the settling process of foreign community. In this year's edition of “Canada for the Diplomatic Community”, we are pleased to announce enriched content and new information about the different aspects of moving to and settling in five Canadian cities: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. We are also introducing a new organizational format to make the navigation of the information in the publication easier by using a colour coding system for each city.

By making our best efforts to provide up-to-date information about living in Canada to facilitate diplomatic postings, this publication naturally ends up nurturing the needs of a broader community of foreign workers, representatives and foreign students that temporarily call Canada their home.

We remain dedicated to serving the diplomatic, expat and foreign student communities of Canada. We also welcome your requests about other information you would like to see in future publications. Please feel free to share with us your comments at [email protected]

Welcome to Canada!

Andjelka Vidovic